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making crypto currency into a real-world payment infrastructure.

There is no doubt that in 2017, the concept of crypto currencies attained some degree of acceptance in society. However, there are many for whom a crypto currency accompanies negative connotations: as something that is “virtual, just as the name implies, and invisible by normal means,” “speculative” and “unproven and unreliable.” Unfortunately, such negative views were further spurred by incidents involving the large-scale loss of crypto currency from major exchanges in January 2018.

The likely reason that people hold such negative views of crypto currencies is that they have come to be considered as speculative entities that only exist in a world of thoughts and ideas and are only valid in a virtual context.

To help address this situation, the goal of the KINGS Project is to make virtual currency into a real-world payment infrastructure.

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In addition to developing and issuing a special KINGS (KNG) Token, the KINGS Project will invest in the development of payment terminals essential for the utilization of virtual currency and the linking of these with existing payment infrastructure, such as utilizing IC cards and QR codes. In addition to these technological efforts, the project will also place special emphasis on investing in the creation of an “ecosystem” where payments can take place and in regulatory support for such systems in multiple countries, a point which can be considered the most significant difference between this project and other projects, which are only concerned with “issuing a new token.”

To achieve these objectives, core team members of the KINGS project include experts in POS and other device development fields, experts in real distribution and payment-related fields such as trading, with an emphasis on Asian markets, experts in the resort hotel development field and professionals with proven experience in the entertainment marketing and payment fields in addition to its contingent of blockchain and ICO professionals. In addition, board members include specialists with experience, influence and personal connections in a variety of industries, including a former Tencent consultant, a former Avex China Vice-General Manager.

Six features of KINGS

  • Improve transaction speed

    Improve transaction speed

    Ethereum has adopted off-chain technology such as Plasma and Raiden Network and is developing block chains that the processing speed has been improved rapidly.

  • Stable infrastructure 'Ethereum' basis

    Stable infrastructure “Ethereum” basis

    Instead of original development of an unstable and unverified block chain, we build it based on stablity.

  • Available for offline use

    Available for offline use

    We are designing a combination of Plasma's hierarchical off-chain technology and IC card technology.

  • Settlement terminal · Wallet

    Settlement terminal · Wallet

    It also gives a settlement function by IC card, and off-line Environmental compliance in any countries.

  • Responding to volatility problems

    Responding to volatility problems

    While increasing the price of KINGS itself, we created peg-coins and promote distribution, also release it to the public as a platform. ※ Patent application

  • Creating market needs

    Creating market needs

    We operate luxurious passenger boats that can be enjoyed without currency, and also will manage the resort hotel.

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A smart near realization that everyone imagines

We understand the notion that a crypto currency is "OK as long as it rises in value." However, we believe truly increasing its value requires it to be realized as a technology that performs a real-world function in society.

In order to utilize a crypto currency as a real-world payment infrastructure, it is necessary to first solve several issues currently faced by virtual currencies. Broadly speaking, these issues can be categorized as "technological issues" and "environmental issues."

In order to solve technical problems, we invited excellent engineers and specialists to our company. In addition, we will partner with experts who have knowledge of laws and environmental issues of each country. While solving these two problems, we will make the mission a reality.

About our team

  • William TienWilliam Tien Project Ecosystem Advisor
  • Ma HuaMa Hua Executive Marketing
  • Victor ChowVictor Chow Strategic Business Investment Advisor
  • David.H.TamakiDavid.H.Tamaki HongKong Sky King
    International Investment
  • Dr.Joseph WangDr.Joseph Wang Technical Advisor
  • BK ShinBK Shin Sales Director
  • BK ShinRichard Chen Sales Director

The KINGS team is made up of 16-plus specialists with a wealth of experience in fields such as blockchain development, quality assurance, finance, client support, personnel management, marketing and communications, business and product development. Partnering with a variety of specialists will enable us to deliver high-quality products and services.

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